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LED industry downturn 2016 aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers break the way

  • 2018-12-20
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In 2015, the LED industry was deeply mired in price wars, profits continued to decline, and overcapacity, enterprises generally faced challenges of survival. It was also a particularly difficult year for the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, and most enterprises were in a dilemma of low growth or negative growth.

1 Electrolytic manufacturers are advancing in adversity

The price of traditional LED industry products is close to transparency, but LED competition is fierce and price decline is still possible. However, the space for the reduction of components, especially aluminum electrolytic capacitors, is limited. In 2015, the price of electrolysis was adjusted to a large degree. Many electrolytic material manufacturers have become unprofitable. Most of the electrolysis manufacturers have already calculated the cost of material manufacturers in the cost calculation. Go in. The deep excavation of material costs has come to an end. Before there is no new business model, adjusting the price is a quality-based adjustment, which will adversely affect the development of the industry.

2 Solid state electrolysis is the future development direction

The short life of traditional liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors has been criticized, and solid-state electrolysis with excellent characteristics has been introduced. Its use characteristics and longevity are much higher than ordinary liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which can optimize most of the application requirements in new high-end circuit design.

"This product will be the future development direction of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and the market prospect is broad, but from the current technology point of view, solid capacitors have a long way to go to replace liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors." First, due to solid electrolytic voltage The scope of application is still limited to medium and low voltage, high voltage still has a long way to go in the technical level; second, the liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology is mature, can meet the requirements of most markets, and the cost advantage is obvious, especially for the general lighting market. The cost advantage of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is unshakable.

It is worth noting that in the second half of last year, the linear IC market fever increased significantly. Some enterprises introduced non-electrolytic capacitor products, which gradually "eroded" the traditional power supply market, posing great challenges for electrolytic capacitor companies. Nowadays, electroless linear IC solutions are technically limited to low-power, narrow-voltage lines, which are limited in scope, high-power or wide-voltage line electrolysis is still indispensable, and from the perspective of cost, the circuit design using electrolysis scheme is more economical. ,mature. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are passive components, and there is no possibility to compete with the circuit design scheme. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a wide range of applications, and many areas are not involved.

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